Saturday May 30 2020

How many Trumpeter Swans do you see? Trumpeter Swans have become more common over the last few years in our region. We usually see swans as the ice is thinning as they are migrating north but this year we have seen more of them just hanging around our lake. We are not sure if they have actually nested around the lake but yesterday we saw a total of 7 swans a swimming!

Allison and I had to make a rushed trip into Fort Frances late yesterday afternoon with Hannah as she decided to go after a porcupine. We didn't get any photos of her with all the quills but the vet said she had 20 quills in her left paw. She had 3 just under her eye and many on her nose and in her mouth. The poor girl. She travelled very well in the car only a couple of times did she panic and begin to paw at her mouth. She's resting comfortably, on pain meds and antibiotics. It's very rare that we see porcupines so not sure if this one got a way or not.

Although it's a cool morning, 5C there's lots of heat in the sun and we've enjoyed our morning coffee on the dock.
Today's forecast - Mainly sunny. High 17.
Tonight Clear. Low 6.