Photo of the Day


Sunday May 21, 2017

Well we’re wondering how these boats at Mount Lake faired last night. Last night, here on Manion just after midnight, the wind picked up and boats here were crashing into the docks so boats had to be secured. The wind was blowing so hard that it blew the door on the loft open, we had to screw it shut. This wind came out of nowhere as there was no wind forecasted. When we checked weather from Dryden, it said wind gusts up to 70km – I’m pretty sure that’s what we had.
It’s still windy but not as bad as last night, cloudy and 8C with some rain.
We didn’t get out fishing yesterday and not sure if we’ll get out today, the girls might try for a bit as they’re off to Sandbeach to get another cabin ready.

Today’s forecast – Periods of rain. High 9.
Tonight Showers. Low 7.